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PRESS RELEASE: On Demand Car Is Officially Launched In Toronto.

 May 20, 2021

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Today, On Demand Car announced that it’s been officially launched.

About On Demand Car

 On Demand Car claims to be the first hyperlocal automotive marketplace in the World and plans to launch all of its 20+ verticals before the end of 2021. It provides automotive products and services on demand, delivered and collected right at your doorstep or just about anywhere you are. Top notch on-demand technology stacks and more than 35 years of experience in the automobile industry are the backbone of this company.

After many years of research and development, On Demand Cars’ Rent a Car vertical was soft launched first in May 2020 in Downtown Toronto, Canada. It was able to quickly gain nearly 300 customers in a short period of time. Then the team decided not to officially launch to the public until they hear every single feedback from those customers. After nearly one year of enhancing their platforms, they’re ready to introduce their first four verticals to the public in Toronto, Canada.

Rent a Car, Rent an SUV, Rent a Van, Rent a Moving Truck

Delivered To Your Door

On Demand Car’s technological innovations allows customers who look for hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly vehicle rentals to seamlessly receive their rental at their doorstep and similarly collected from them when done. It’s like owning a fleet of vehicles without owning a single vehicle. Their fleet is hosted by vehicles from the best manufacturers in the world. With their complete clean pledge and covid-19 protocols, they deliver clean and sanitized low mileage current model year vehicles. People in Toronto simply can download On Demand Cars’ Free App either from App Store or Google Play on their smart phone. Signing up is simple and easy. All that’s required is a selfie face recognition and scanning of driver’s license and matching credit card. After selecting the preferences, customers can sit back and track their rental vehicle come to their doorstep. The entire process is pretty much contactless. Once the delivery agent does the vehicle inspection, the customer is good to begin their journey. Minutes before the collection time, an agent is on standby waiting for the customer to arrive to the collection point. At that time, the agent will do another vehicle inspection and that would be the end of the rental process.

Upcoming Services

On Demand Car plans to launch all of its 20+ verticals before the end of 2021. All of the products and services of On Demand car is been divided under 3 categories. Rent, Service & Repair, Buy & Sell. One common function between all of the verticals is simply the delivery and collection of automobile products and services all at one place. At On Demand Car, they’re onboarding service providers in various sectors of the automobile industry across the region and plans to go worldwide by 2022.