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Economy Car Details

5 Passengers
3 Luggages
4  Doors
4 Wheel Drive
Power Steering
Cruise Control
Electronic Stability Control
MP3 Player
CD Player
Power Windows
Remote Locking
Front Driver Airbags
Front Passenger Airbags
Fog Lamps
Satellite Navigation


24/7 Roadside Assistance
24/7 Chat Support
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Know Your Ride

What is an economy car? This vehicle usually has four passenger seats, a great choice for city driving because aside from being easy to maneuver through traffic, this car is very fuel-efficient. If you want a quick escape with your family, economy cars from On Demand Car rental is perfect, because it can comfortably seat up 2 adults and 3 kids on the back seat, plus it has enough trunk space for one big and one small bag. An economy car is great if you don’t want to pay for any wasted space.

It is best to rent an economy car if you will be driving in downtown and crowded areas that usually have bumper-to-bumper traffic and tight parking spaces. When we talk about fuel efficiency, economy cars are absolutely the best. Book now at On Demand Car to get the best deals on economy car rental.

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Opt for an economy car rental if you are after inexpensive car rental, optimizing your gas mileage, or if you just want a small car. Regardless of what kind of car you want to rent or where you’re going to, On Demand Car rental offers affordable and reliable products and services delivered straight to you anytime, anywhere!