About On Demand Car

It all started with 1 location, 6 cars and 2 cargo vans back in 1984

Advantage Car & Truck Rentals Ltd was founded by Bruce Taylor in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. From their first rental Bruce knew there had to be a better way of renting cars; it seemed that instead of having the customer come to the car, the car should go to the customer. Over the decades, Bruce expanded his successful vehicle rental operation across the Greater Toronto Area and Advantage Car & Truck Rentals became one of the renowned and reputable vehicle rental companies in Toronto.

In 2008, Danial Rajabi, a University student started working part time on weekends at Advantage Car & Truck Rentals. Danial who was an international student at the time had a great deal of passion in human brain, technology and business. As Danial pursued his education, while also increasing his industry knowledge proposed that the idea Bruce had back in the 1980’s could be done and spearheaded what is today called On Demand Car. On May 15, 2020, after over 37 years and more than 1.5 million customers served, Advantage Car & Truck Rentals is proud to announce the birth of On Demand Car.

On Demand Car is the World’s 1st Hyperlocal Automotive Marketplace.

And this is just the beginning…